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William Tell Family Estate mixed fruit orchards and vineyard are the most eastern in the Creston Valley. At an elevation of 650 to 700 meters they are highest producing orchard and vineyard in British Columbia. This unique location provides William Tell Family Estate with the opportunity to produce the best fruit possible making this handcrafted product unforgettable as well as immensely satisfying. 

The orchard is a mixed orchard planted with a variety of apples, pears, peaches, plums and apricots.  The orchard was planted by the original owner of the property. The fruit trees are mature trees and produce very good quality fruit. The fresh fruit is sold locally in the valley and some of the apples and pears are used for producing Craft Hard Ciders, and Perry, Mad Trapper Old Fashioned Apple, Sparkling Old Fashioned Apple and Pear Cider, Apple & Pear Cider Vinegar the fruit is also used in the fruit spreads. The slope and aspect of the property make it one of the warmest in the valley. This helps to alleviate spring and autumn frost events that can be deadly to the trees and vines in other areas of the valley. The grapes from our vineyard are used to make Sparkling Rose wine. 


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